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Customize your shirt the way you want it from our selections of different color, brand, trim, size, and much more.


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Our normal turnaround is two weeks. If you need expedited printing for Defcon 2019, we offer rush services at competitive prices.

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It's Happened To Us In One Shape Or Another...

You are a Defcon 2019 attendee. Whether you go to show your hacking and programming chops, announce a new product, or simply attend this massive conference, Alive Print Shop is here to help you make a powerful statement. Make your presence known when you come to attend Defcon Hacking Conference 2019 at Las Vegas, Nevada. Stand out from the crowd with your own unique clothing for t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other apparel.

Choose from trusted brand names such as Next Level, American Apparel, Gildan, and much more. Work with our in-house designers to ensure your design is created and printed the way you envision. Whether you wish to produce shirts for internal team members or giveaways, make sure you and your brand stand above the rest at one of the biggest hacking conferences of the year–Make it count!

Alive Print Shop is conveniently located in Las Vegas so in the event that you must modify your order, you have the flexibility to do so with prior notice. Talk to one of our representatives and we will coordinate any changes to the best of our abilities.

Last but not least, we offer FREE shipping and delivery for events that take place in Las Vegas. This means that for Defcon 2019, you enjoy shipping and delivery completely on us. Simply let us know where you would like your package delivered to your hotel lobby or event, and our team will make the accommodations to fulfill your request.

No Need To Wait On The Postal Office.

Eliminate the unforeseen circumstances of the postal office. At Alive Inside, you will receive your order from our own delivery staff on time, 100% guaranteed.

Our Staff Actually Care About You.

When you deal with the postal office, you’re on your own. In contrast, our drivers are committed to customer service. Do you have an issue with your order? Our drivers and staff will work with your request!

Need Accommodations? No Problem.

Our staff at Alive Inside will ensure that you receive your package in the most convenient way possible. If we can do it, we will make it happen!

The decision is easy once you recognize the perks we offer here at Alive Inside. To fulfill your order, we need to know what type of fabric you would like for your t-shirts. Which takes us to Step One…


Choose The Right Trim For You

To get started, you need to select your style of fabric first. T-shirts are by far the most popular and common item that is purchased for conventions and events such as Defcon 2019. We offer three different materials for t-shirts.


  • Standard – Baseline material. Most affordable.
  • Soft Fabric – Better quality, comfortable feel.
  • Premium – Best quality. Supreme comfort and fabric.


Please refer to the sections below to find more information about the three fabric. Have a question? Chat or Call Us Today.

Alive Inside Productions - Custom T-Shirts
Standard T-Shirt by Alive Inside Proudctions

Standard - Affordable. Comfortable. Starting at $4.50

Our standard fabric is a popular choice for its affordability. This option is good if you need a massive order as the discount will scale as you increase your quantity. The Standard T-Shirt Is Great For:

Complimentary Gifts
Promotional Items
✓ Starting at $4.50 per piece

For more information on our standard t-shirts, please click here.
Question? Call Us at 702-685-6270 or Chat with Us (Chat Icon on the bottom-right corner).

Soft Fabric T-Shirt by Alive Inside Productions

Soft Fabric - Additional Comfort. Softer Textile. Starting at $6.50

The soft fabric is a great choice if you are looking for quality over quantity. This fabric is much softer to the touch and is much more comfortable to wear. If you would like to receive a sample of the soft fabric, please click here. The Soft Fabric T-Shirt Is Great For:

Giveaways & Contests
Retail & Online Store
 Staff Uniform – Shirts your staff will love
Complimentary Quality Gifts
Merchandise for Sale
You Want Better Quality T-Shirts
 Willing to Pay Extra for Comfort
✓ Starting at $6.50 per piece

For more information on the soft fabric t-shirts, please click here.
Question? Call Us at 702-685-6270 or Chat with Us (Chat Icon on the bottom-right corner).

Premium T-Shirts by Alive Inside Productions

Premium Fabric - Maximum Comfort. Highest Quality. Starting at $7.50

The premium fabric is the highest quality material we offer at Alive Inside. It is unrivaled in terms of comfort, quality, and reliability. This is a fabric that you can use for years. The Premium Fabric T-Shirt Is Great For:

Clothing Brand Quality
Exclusive Giveaways & Contests
Retail & Online Store
 Best Quality Uniform – Shirts your staff will wear all year long
You Want The Highest Quality Product
✓ Starting at $7.50 per piece

The premium shirt truly leaves an impact. As soon as you touch and wear the shirt, you will know that it is a high-quality fabric. For more information on this product, please click here.
Question? Call Us at 702-685-6270 or Chat with Us (Chat Icon on the bottom-right corner).

Polo T-Shirts by Alive Inside Productions

Performance Polo - Versatile. Ideal for Athletic or Business Events. Starting at $14.50

The performance polo is ideal for both athletic and business events. These polo shirts are high quality and excellent in comfort and reusability. The Performance Polo Shirt is Great For:

Perfect for Sales Staff
Moisture Wicking
Professional Look
 Ideal for Staff or Security
High Quality Performance Material
You Want The Highest Quality Product
✓ Starting at $14.50 per piece

For more information on the Performance Polo, please click here.
Question? Call Us at 702-685-6270 or Chat with Us (Chat Icon on the bottom-right corner).


Determine Your Quantity

Next, you need to determine the quantity of your order. Alive Inside has a minimum order of 36. Bulk pricing is offered on orders 300 or more so you should always consider ordering more. However, ordering t-shirts and promotional items for conventions can be tricky. You don’t want to be shorthanded for your event but ordering too much can raise costs significantly. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when choosing a quantity:


How many of our internal team members are attending the event/convention?

Do I plan to distribute the t-shirts for promotional items as well?

Will I coordinate any giveaways or contests?

How Many Shirts Should You Order?

How many of our internal team members are attending the event/convention?

Gathering this information is critical. If you need to supply t-shirts or uniforms for your coworkers, you need to know how many people in total will be attending. Even if only a portion of those attendees requires a t-shirt or uniform, that may change in the future. If you know the total amount, you can order the supply maximum for your event. Knowing the supply maximum is important because if the decision is to order shirts for every attendee, you already know the exact quantity. It’s always better to know this answer ahead of time so you eliminate ordering less or more than what you need.

Make sure to keep count of everyone that will be attending the event, such as:

  • Exhibitors
  • Management
  • Contractors & Temps
  • Faculty & Construction Team
  • External Agents that will be attending the exhibition/convention

Once you evaluate the number of internal attendees, ask yourself this question next…

Do I Plan To Distribute Promotional Items At The Convention?

More than likely your company will have a budget set aside for promotional items only. If you are concerned about quantity, your best option would be ordering our standard t-shirts. Our standard t-shirts are the least expensive yet are comfortable and offered in a variety of different colors and style.

If you want to leave a lasting impression for those receiving the shirts, then we recommend the soft fabric. These shirts are much better in quality and much softer to the touch.

Consider asking yourself these questions if you need promotional items for your event or convention:

  • Is it important for me to have a certain amount of shirts?
  • Based on my budget, do I want to order many shirts with average quality or a smaller selection of shirts with higher quality?
  • Are we providing these promotional shirts to everyone or only a few select of attendees?

Let’s now discuss the last main question you should ask…

Will I Coordinate Any Giveaways or Freebies?

Lastly, you should know if you plan to coordinate a giveaway or contest. Promotional items may be given to attendees for participating at an event, poll, or even just for stopping by at your booth. Promotional items tend to be distributed much more frequently at a bigger volume, whereas a giveaway usually requires more participation. Because of this, the giveaway prize is usually coveted or more valuable. If your convention is coordinating giveaways, you should consider our premium t-shirts or other clothing which we also carry such as hats, jackets, and hoodies.

To see a selection of our entire inventory, please click here.

How Should I Order For Sizes?

Often sizes are an afterthought–Knowing how many pieces you want for each size can make it much easier for you to decide the quantity as well. Medium/Large is the most common sizes for adults. An average request is broken down as so:

  • Small – 1
  • Medium – 1.5
  • Large – 2
  • X-Large – 1.5
  • XX-Large – 1

So for a 500 piece order, the breakdown would be like this:

  • Small – 50
  • Medium – 125
  • Large – 150
  • X-Large – 125
  • XX-Large – 50

Of course, this breakdown is entirely up to you and is flexible depending on your needs and wants.

Conclusion: Know These Numbers Ahead of Time

Because every company and convention booth is different, only you know how much t-shirts you will need. Before you commit to an exact number, you should determine all of these variables prior to your event. Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, you can determine the best quantity for your order.

Again, it is important to determine a quantity as this will dictate production time and cost. In addition, if you do need to order additional shirts, you have a better understanding knowing what and how much to order.


Know When You Need It

Now you know the type of fabric you need plus the quantity. The next important thing to determine is when and where you need your order by. Sometimes this is not an easy question to answer because there are many variables to consider.

Do you need your order at the convention, your hotel room, corporate office, or a different location?

What time do you need it by? Do you need it on the convention date or prior so you can distribute it to internal team members?

If you are in a situation where you need to ship your order to Las Vegas, Alive Inside can deliver the order to your hotel or convention booth for free. Here is how it works:

Delivery to your convention booth or Hotel Room

Alive Inside Can Deliver Your Package For Free*

This is one of the best perks when you order with Alive Inside. Because we are conveniently located in Las Vegas, Alive Inside can deliver your parcel anywhere in town–Hotel rooms and lobbies, convention booth or entrance, the airport…You name it. Our drivers will make it as easy as possible for you to receive your order. As long as the rendezvous point is accessible and feasible, our team will make it happen!

“…Alive Inside can deliver your parcel anywhere in town…”

*Keep in mind that some facilities or areas will have restricted access. This is common at conventions and some hotels. If we cannot meet you at the agreed rendezvous point, we will contact you immediately via email and phone. You can always contact us if you need to rearrange the meeting point.

Although we would consider meeting anywhere publically accessible, the entrance/valet area is generally the best place to meet in Las Vegas.

This depends on the venue and security. Some conventions have restricted access and proper identification and badges are required. If possible, please provide a temporary badge we can use to access the building.

As long as it is in town and local, we can provide the delivery for free. We encourage you to discuss your order in detail with our staff members so we can plan ahead and deliver the parcel with no issues.

We can certainly accommodate rush orders. Please speak with our staff and we will determine the best possible scenario for you to receive your order in time.


Get In Touch With Our Team

You’ve made it to the last step! The only thing left to do now is to confirm your order and receive samples. By now you should have a general idea if you need the standard, soft, or premium t-shirt. If you are still unsure about the type of fabric you chose, Alive Inside can send you a sample free of charge through the mail. If you are curious about non-teeshirts such as jackets and hoodies, we may also make accommodations to send you a sample. Please get in touch with our staff today with your preferred contact method:

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